The world of Freedom at FreedomRO

A place where you will enjoy playing Ragnarok Online without unbalanced features from episodes above 11.3
The gameplay won't be too tedious or too quick either, midrate is the perfect rate for all types of players!

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Why FreedomRO?

We will give you an unforgettable experience and entertainment on this project,
where everything is balanced, and developed with love for players.

Crazy Activities

Large amount of quests, missions, achievements. Regular Automated Events, entertainment systems, and more. Ideal for fans of the Ragnarok Online.

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For Beauty collectors

You can create unique design for your character. Because of more than: 1k hats, auras, palettes, and other contents. Customize yourself on FreedomRO.

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24/7 Amazing Experience

Since we are using top notch server infrastructures and security, you can enjoy your play without worry of bots, cheaters or unnecessary lags anymore.

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Amazing Features

We have introduced the latest mechanics fixes to match the game's official episode, thanks to which you will enjoy the gameplay.
We hate pay2win servers, so all of our features are developed in a free2play manner.

Collectible Headgears

Lots of fashionable balanced items that makes you unique. 1000+ and still growing. Costumes without bonuses.

No More Boring Features

Players who love different parts of gameplay will fully enjoy the game due to several systems and entertainments.

Missions and Daily Quests

Now you will have something to do everyday. Hunt the monsters for cool rewards. MVP Rewards implemented.

PVP and Head to Head Duels

Show off your skills. Fight with structurized duel system. Try our advanced and intense PVP Arena now!

Web Ranking

Character Leaderboard. Now everyone knows how good your skills are.
Available large amount of ranks.

And many more

Discover them all: Built-in RCX (simplify effects in-game), unified map for vendors, achievement system with lots of medals.

  • "Very professional server with a great website and forum. Well balanced in every way. The availability of healer and warper helps with leveling, yet, the healer doesn't buff and the warper doesn't warp to inner dungeon levels. So, very well thought out server features. The rates are optimal and the availability of Hunting missions makes everything so much more interesting. There's rewards for completing missions, hunting MVPs, etc. Love the events too with their cool rewards. Highly recommended." -- santakmishra

  • "In one word: Incredible. FreedomRO encompasses a world of professionalism, standing far apart from many amateur, precariously managed servers. A Brand new server opened just on the 28th. Has a lot of potential, management on the right track. Great for people looking to get back into Ragnarok or scratch that nostalgic itch. Haven't found any complaints so far, and I cannot tell you how fun the novice asura event in. Yeah, let that sink in! Population growing, join before it explodes!" -- williambermudez

  • "This server is good so far. I've tried some mid rate servers but many of them didn't satisfy my needs for a mid rate server like this server. This server is balance and full of daily events and the community is also helpful. So far i never met the gm online, but in the forum the gm seems so friendly. I hope this server will grow and last for years since it deserves it." -- ClinxEastWood

  • "I'm new to RO, and this server has taught me a lot. Everyone has been really friendly, and the events are fun. Easy to get around, play, and learn more about the game. The server is stable, and there is little to no downtime from what I have witnessed." -- Caelana

  • "I started playing on this server when it launched 28th of May. So far I've met many friendly players. Only downside is a short amount of players, 20-40 players online. 50ish at its peak. But its growing as time goes. If you're looking for a medium rate to start on, do give this server a try. I'm glad I did! Most events are pretty unique that you wouldn't find in your usual low/midrate server." -- Krynt

  • "Hi.It's nice new server of RO with mid rates.I really like to play this old game,with old mechanic and without boring new episodes,but with interesting events=) We just need more new people to play=) Welcome!=)" -- Infernus

  • "It's a great fresh server with active time to time automated Event via NPC and other Cool NPCs that provides active missions/quest. The server is not that perfect(for now) but I assure everyone that the GMs are active to make the server grow and maintain the balance and liveliness in the community. The players are friendly and helpful! So feel free to ask around! All I can say is YOU ARE ALL WELCOME here!~ so COME! Join Us and Let's all have fun! Freedom ROck On!!" -- Exorcismus

  • "for the beginning im thingking hard if i will leave my prevoius Ro just to shift from playing here at was hard for me since i complete all my items and equips from my old server, but then i find this server INTERESTING,FUN and friendly community, so what are you waiting for come and join us ROK ON !! for the GM's :they are PROMPT in action,lots of EVENTs to join with, friendly community and players + balance card rate and drops." -- izerobalance


Made with love for the players.

We paid attention to the little things that will be enjoyable for you. For example, we have implemented content that simplifies the game, but it does not break mechanics.

  • FreedomRO Ragnarok Online Say goodbye to lags, because we have a built-in RCX in our client and also a custom packet filtering system.
  • Ragnarok Online Server You will never found anything that will break the game mechanic or give some unfair benefits to players via donations.
  • Freedom Ragnarok Online Actively growing and friendly community, both in-game and also in Forum.

Introducing Our Brand New Office Map

Where all the main features of FreedomRO are competently assembled.
You have to visit it at least once. We are sure that you will like it!

Download Links

What are you waiting for? Download the FreedomRO client now. (We recommend the Full version)
We provide different options of hosting for you to download below:

Download Game from Google Drive. Size 2GB
Download Game from MEGA. Size 2GB
Download Game via Torrent. Size 2GB
Download Game from Website. Size 2GB
Download Lite Game client from Google Drive (data.grf required).
Download Lite Game client from MEGA (data.grf required).
Download Lite Game client via Torrent (data.grf required).
Download Lite Game client from yandex (data.grf required).